DANCE MAGIC SPECIAL EVENTS is proud to present this premier opportunity for outstanding regional and national talent to compete in the spirit of
excellence and professionalism. Please read the following rules and regulations carefully as failure to comply can result in disqualification. ENTRIES
MUST BE POSTMARKED 21 DAYS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF COMPETITION and must include total payment by credit card, cashier’s check or money order.
A 10% late fee will be assessed to entries received after the deadline. Please note that once a studios
registrations are submitted, additional entries will be subject to the 10% late fee.

Please be certain that you enter the proper age performance, division and category. A confirmation will be emailed prior to the online posting of the
lineup. Entry changes are permitted 72 hours PRIOR to the competition date. ABSOLUTELY NO CATEGORY OR TITLE CHANGES WILL BE MADE 72 HOURS
PRIOR TO THE EVENT. DMI reserves the right to make entry additions or corrections to the lineup at any time due to clerical errors on on our part.

Entries are accepted on a first come, first serve basis and are limited to the amount of performance time available. DANCE MAGIC reserves the right to
add additional competition days or move the competition location due to unforeseen circumstances.

~ Solo, Duet/Trio, Small Group (4-9 performers) have 3 minute time limit. Large Group (10-18 performers) have 5 minute time limit. Line (19 or more
performers) have 6 minute time limit. Productions have a time limit of 8 minutes.
~ Time limits are applicable to all categories.
   There are Level 1 and Level 2 divisions for all categories and age divisions. There are separate entries for Mr./Miss Dance Magic in Level 1 and in 2.
~ 4 & under, 5-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18, 19 & up, Pro Am
~ All age divisions at all DANCE MAGIC competitions will be determined by the age of the performers on the first day of competition.
~ When determining the age division for an entry, please average the ages of the participants in an entry. Once the average is calculated round up
    from .5 and down from .4 i.e. 6.4 average would be in 5-6 and a 6.5 average would be in 7-9.
~ DANCE MAGIC reserves the right to combine entries due to limited entries.
~ Each soloist may perform a maximum of 3 solos, but they must be in 3 different solo categories. Only 2 of the 3 solos can win an overall solo award.
   Only 2 of the 3 solos can be entered for title and only 1 solo can win title.  The same photo and interview scores will be used for both of the solos
    competing for title.
~ Teachers may compete in the senior category only if the teacher instructs at an assistant teacher level for ages 0-9 and at maximum of 3 teaching
   days per week. Otherwise, the teacher competitor must compete in the 19 & up or the Pro Am categories.
~ Overtime results in automatic deduction of one point or a fraction thereof for every 5 seconds overtime. Contestants are required to record their
    own music on an individual CD. There must be only one routine per CD properly cued at the beginning of the music. All music must be recorded at
    proper speed. Speed control WILL NOT be adjusted. You must have an emergency duplicate CD available. I phones or I pads are a good idea for
    back up music. Some burned CDs do not read properly on all equipment.
~ Ballet: performance using ballet technique throughout routine focusing on control and execution of steps.
~ Musical Theater: performance acting out or interpreting the music. While music is generally selected from Broadway or theatre, any type of music
        genre can be used.
~ Production: performance with a large number of performers (19 or more). Music usually fits a particular theme and the audience is able to follow
        the theme through the costuming and music selection.
~ Acrobatics: performance with 80% gymnastic related technique and choreography.
~ Dance Twirl: performance using a baton and/or baton props. Must include baton techniques, dance technique and choreography.
~ Jazz: performance using jazz technique with such moves as kicks, splits, isolations, leaps, jumps, etc.
~ Modern: performance using modern style, technique, moves and choreography.
~ Folklore: performance using dance styles of a particular ethnic group.
~ Song & Dance: performance incorporates a balance of singing & any style of dancing.
~ Clogging: performance using clogging/duck style and clogging shoes only.
~ Lyrical: performance encompassing balance, flexibility and control utilizing the lyrics of the music to tell a story via choreography & movement.
~ Contemporary: performance containing a combination of lyrical, jazz & modern techniques.
~ Pompom: performance must include such elements as marching, clean & sharp arm movements, kicks. leaps, jumps, and splits. Any type of music is
        permissible and pompoms must be used for at least 80% of the performance.
~ HipHop: performance using hiphop technique with such moves as body isolations with jumps and pirouettes allowed.
~ Prop/Novelty: performance portraying an easily recognizable character throughout, such as a cat, clown, etc. with coordinating music and costume
        using a prop for 80% of the performance.
~ High Kick: performance including 55 kicks or more.
~ Flag: routine using a flag that includes basic color guard fundamentals.
~ Rifle: routine using a rifle or saber 80% of the time.
~ Open: performance categories will be separated into three categories: jazz, tap & lyrical. Original choreography with standard time limits using
        open style and form of dance/drill with or without music. May include more than 2 acrobatic elements. Open may consist of mixed ages.
~ Tap: performance where a dancer taps using tap technique for 80% of the time.
~ Open Contemporary: performance containing a combination of lyrical, ballet & modern techniques for at least 50% of the routine and may include
        more than 2 acrobatic elements.
~ Open Hip Hop: performance using hip hop technique with such moves as body isolations with jumps for at least 50% of the routine and pirouettes
        allowed. Other dance elements such as jazz are allowed and routine may contain more than 2 acrobatic elements.
~ Open Jazz: performance using jazz technique with such moves as kicks, splits, isolations, leaps, jumps, etc., for at least 50% of the routine. Routine
        may have 2 or more added acrobatic elements or other dance styles throughout the dance.
~ Open Modern: performance using modern style, technique, moves and choreography for at least 50% of the routine adding various elements of
        other styles added to the routine such as contemporary or lyrical. Routing may contain more than 2 acrobatic elements.
~ Outstanding Costume: judged on costume design, fit, workmanship & appearance onstage (judged onstage).
~ Photo: judged on natural looking photo 8x10, to be turned in prior to competition start time. May be in color or black & white. Must be a headshot,
        but does not have to be made by a professional photographer.
~ To compete for Miss/Mr. Dance Magic, the performer must be entered as a soloist in the Solo Division and make an additional Title Holder fee
~ All performances will be rated under the point scoring system.
~ Performers may not compete against themselves in Solos and not more than 50% of a Duet/Trio may be the same person and compete against
    themselves in the same age division in the same performance category. Performer may compete against herself in Small Group, Large Group, & Line.
~ Dance category can contain no more than 2 acrobatic/gymnastic tricks. Each judge will deduct .5 of a point for routines which contain more than
    2 acrobatic/gymnastic tricks in a dance category. Connective tumbling passes are considered as one trick.
~ No dangerous props may be used on stage such as fire, sword or knives. General props and gymnastic mats are allowed, however, they must be in
    place within 2 minutes of performance as timing of the routine will begin at the end of these 2 minutes. After performance, each performer is
    responsible for the immediate removal of any stage litter (e.g. feathers, confetti, etc) in an efficient manner.
~ All Nationals participants/dancers are required to wear some type of dance shoes for all performances on the beach stage.
~ No phone or fax entries will be accepted. Entries must include full payment cashier’s check, money order or credit card payment.
~ No additional sound equipment or microphones may be used or connected to the DANCE MAGIC sound system. DANCE MAGIC will provide one
    microphone at each regional.
~ DANCE MAGIC competition is a family oriented event. If the judges feel that the costuming, song lyrics or choreography are too suggestive, sexual
    or violent, major points will be deducted, the performer or group will not be eligible for the High Point Award, or the entire performance may be
    suspended. If you have any questions regarding this rule, please contact DANCE MAGIC at 228.437.6251.
~ All entries must compete on the day and time assigned. Any entries that do not compete on their designated day and time will automatically be
    adjudicated and will not be eligible for the High Point Award. Any change in competition dates and/or times is at the sole discretion of DANCE MAGIC
    and will be determined by the amount of time available at each Regional/National Competition.
~ Solo routines that are not completed the first time and are attempted a second time will be adjudicated only and are not eligible for the High Point
    Award. Circumstances resulting from DMI staff error that cause a performer to restart a performance will not be included in this rule.
~ No CASH refunds will be made for any reason. Reasonable and proven excuses will receive DANCE MAGIC credit toward future events and activities.
~ Replacements for broken trophies can be purchased. DANCE MAGIC does not keep extra inventory for replacements.
~ DANCE MAGIC will mail score sheets and other competition materials only if DANCE MAGIC is responsible for a  delay in providing them during
    competition. If materials are ready but you fail to pick them up after competition ends, DANCE MAGIC is not responsible for getting these materials
    to you. You may request that they be sent to you upon providing payment for mailing/shipping costs.